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90's Skateboarding

90's Skateboarding

The Life of a 90's Skate Rat

I spent my childhood obsessed with skateboarding. It's the root of who I am. Growing up in Metro Detroit, I spent 2 years filimg my "sponsor me". This was before YouTube, or even the internet, so I mailed VHS tapes of me skating to my favorite companies in California.

In 1992, I got my first board sponsor at 16 years old, New School Skateboards. In 1994, at 18, I bought a one way ticket from Detroit to San Francisco. A friend came with me as a send off, but after 2 weeks, he returned home and I was alone. I carried everything I owned in a Hockey bag. I was essentially homeless for a few years, either sleeping on floors or surviving with 5 sk8ers in an apartment. Living off a couple hundred dollars a month. I'm so grateful for those who took me in, gave me a place to stay when I really needed it.

Soul searching, talking to god, drum circles, making art, shooting photos, yoga, meditation, skateboarding. The essence of life.

I was featured in a few videos and print magazines: Transworld Skateboarding, SLAP, and Heckler. I was on a billboard for New School Skateboards at the 1996 tradeshow in Long Beach, CA. So thankful. Also, did a few demos.

Over the span of 7 years, I was sponsored by New School Skateboards, Experience Skateboards, War Effort Skateboards, Nice Shoes, & Duffs Shoes.

During the 2020 pandemic, I started digitizing my old analog VHS & Hi8 tapes. I rescued them from in a box in my mom's basement, they'd been in storage for over 20 years. I'll continue to upload quick clips on Instagram and YouTube when I feel inspired. I've started with the official VHS tapes I was in, but there's also raw Hi8 clips that I love even more. Check my IG @8bliss. Stay tuned. Taste the nostalgia. From one lost soul to another.

Skate Rat for Life,
Brad Erlandson (aka: 8bliss)

Official VHS Tapes

Brad Erlandson - 90's VHS playlist:

- Transworld Skateboarding: Transmission 7 - SF  [1999] 
- San Clemente V2 - Amigos [1997]
- Invisible "Caught Clean 2" [1997]
- ATM "Come Together" [1995]
- "Cold Sweat" [1995]
- New School "Slash Dogs" [1994]
- Arsenal Skateboards "Loaded" [1997]

* Check my IG @8bliss for Raw Clips that were never released in the 90's. Some of my best are sprinkled in.

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