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Hip Hop Poetics

"Way of The Bee" by, 8bliss
Astralharmonic ©2022
Alternative Hip Hop - Detroit, MI

NEW Mixtape Album consisting of 17 songs made over the past 10 years. Primary Vocals & Production by, 8bliss. Guest production by some of Detroit's undergound finest: Todd Modes, Pastel Arsenal, Jason :brownstudy Hogans, and Planet Pluto. Plus Dj eXActo from my old San Francisco days & Abstract Butta Fingas from Los Angeles, CA. Guest Vocals by Detroit's Jemille Ali & Lordru.

* Mixtape 36:31

"Le Vent: The Wind" feat. 8bliss
Nemo & Barracuda - Wu Tang Clan Affiliate 
French Hip Hop -  Paris, France ©2006

Extremely rare. I recorded this in Paris-France, while on a 2006 European tour with the 90's platinum group, Lords of the Underground. 

Nemo was given a bunch of beats from Barracuda (UK Killa Bees Wu Tang Clan Affiliate) and invited me in.  Nemo is an amazing multilingual artist. Speaks 5 languages fluently. 

* Song 3:20

"Bless UP" by, 8bliss & ABF
Zyper Unlabel ©2020
Hip Hop - Los Angeles, CA

Vocals by, 8bliss & Production by, ABF (Abstract Butta Fingas)

Pre-covid collab. First one with my dude ABF. We shot the video in Hawaii, just before all the craziness. I already felt the need to Bless Up, but I had no idea how crucial it'd be to survive 2020.

* Song 1:51

"Beat So Lit" by, 8bliss
Featuring: Jemille Ali
Astralharmonic ©2021
Hip Hop -  Detroit, MI

Production by 8bliss. Featuring Jemille Ali & 8bliss rhyming

* Song 2:48 - 12" Single

"Sol" EP by, 8bliss
Astralharmonic ©2020
Downtempo/Hip Hop -  Detroit, MI

All production by 8bliss. 1/2 Instrumental 1/2 Rap Songs. Some of my fav songs I ever produced.

Featuring Detroit Legends: Jemille Ali, Sam Be Yourself, La Peace, & 8bliss

* EP 18:58 

"Creator Rules Everything Around Me"
by, Sacramento Knoxx feat. 8bliss
Album: Medicine Bag ©2021
Eclectic/Hip Hop -  Detroit, MI

I have a little feature on this one. All production by Sacramento Knoxx. Featuring 18 Southwest Detroit Artists. A myriad of different styles. All Love All Day.

* Song 4:07 

"Only Tree" by, 8bliss 
beats>sleep collective ©2019
Hip Hop -  Kenosha, WI

Vocals & production by, 8bliss. On "Skunky Bumps" 420 compilation.

* Song 2:16

"A Dragon's Tale" by, 8bliss
Omnipresent Records ©2006

Alternative Hip Hop -  Ithaca, NY

This is a re-issue of "A Dragon's Tale". A rare 15 song Mixtape CD that I handed out on a European tour in 2006, with 90's platinum, Lords Of The Underground. It features all original production from Artists from France, South Carolina, Detroit, New Jersey, San Francisco, and myself.

* Mixtape 49:55

"Dropzone EP" by, Underground Cartel
New Dawn Records, UK ©2004
Hip Hop Global Collab - Vinyl 12" 

Nominated for "Best Collaboration" for a 2004 UMA "Underground Music Award" in the UK. 8bliss received a honorable mention for "1st class lyrics" about September 11, 2001 in the song "Seconds Out". Featuring: Kruze (Scotland), 8bliss (USA), Danja (USA), & Mindbender (Canada). 

Mastermind & producer, Kruze, requested the topic: Misinformation in the Media. 
* FREE Download - EP 38:38 - Vinyl Rip

© 2021 Astralharmonic - Oak Park - Detroit Love, MI