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Beat Scene

"Vibes Vol. 1: Spirit Bath" by, 8bliss
Astralharmonic ©2022
Trip Hop/LoFi/Downtempo

Instrumental BeatTape - Detroit, MI

All production by 8bliss. Created 9 years ago but never released. In anticipation of the birth of my Autistic son, I bathed under under a different colored light each day and limited myself to a few key 90's hardware synths. I hold this one dear to my heart.

* 13 tracks

"Fire Fly (dj Head mix)" by, 8bliss
Album: "HEAD NOD SUITE VOl. 2"
Turtle Box Distribution ©2020
Detroit Beat Scene  -  Detroit, MI

Hip Hop Instrumental - Vinyl 12"

So honored to be on this one. The vinyl 12" features 20 Detroit Producers hand picked and mixed by the infamous DJ Head. Dj Head was Eminem's tour DJ for Up in Smoke tour. He's a 3x Grammy Award winner. Has produced hits with Eminem, Jay Dilla, Proof, Jay Z, Xhibit, Obie Trice,... the list goes on. Blessed.

* Song 2:08

"One Foot in the Boot" by, 8bliss 
beats>sleep collective ©2019
LoFi Beat Scene -  Kenosha, WI

All production by, 8bliss. My 1st released Instrumental beat set. Time to step out the house.

* Beatset 13:00 

"Yogi Tapes" by, 8bliss 
Beat Tape Co-Op ©2019
Beat Scene -  California

My Instrumental on "I Heard The Beats On Christmas Day" compilation by, Beat Tape Co-Op. 

* Song 3:20

"The 5th Dimension" by, 8bliss 
beats>sleep collective ©2018
Ambient -  Kenosha, WI

My Instrumental on "Out of Focus II" compilation. This track is also on my "Sol" EP.

* Song 3:17

" Inner Space" by, 8bliss 
beats>sleep collective ©2018
Ambient -  Kenosha, WI

My Instrumental on "Out of Focus: Ambient Compilation"

* Song 3:41 

"Sol" by, 8bliss
Astralharmonic ©2020
Downtempo/Hip Hop -  Detroit, MI

All production by 8bliss. 1/2 Instrumental & 1/2 Rap Songs. Some of my fav I ever produced. Solo songs by, Jemille Ali, Sam Be Yourself, La Peace, & 8bliss.

* EP 18:58 + Instrumentals & Acapellas

"Summer Snowflake" by, 8bliss
Album: Detroit Hustles Harder Vol. 2
Aptemal Clothing ©2011
Various Artists Compellation
Deep House / Electronica -  Detroit, MI

This was a Limited Edition promo CD for DEMF 2011. Pressed up, silk screened, and distributed by, "Detroit Hustles Harder" Aptemal Clothing. Arranged by, Todd Modes. Featuring 13 Detroit Artists.

* Song: 3:40 

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