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8bliss "Infinite Bliss"

“The musical diversity on this album is highly impressive. A place where real-life action transcends into thoughts and images, nothing less than existential matters, expertly arranged.”

“8bliss music titillates the soul. A revolutionary style that pushes the boundaries of typical Hip Hop to set a standard of what is destined to greatness. Deep lyrics that float on beats that twitter the eardrum, entice the mind, and calm the heart.”

“I feel like nothing I can say about his album will truly do it justice. Hip-Hop, spoken word, poetry, philosophy, spirituality, life. I'm stricken by the openness and honesty. Auditory artwork.”

Who is 8bliss?

Bradley James Erlandson, AKA: 8bliss (Infinite Bliss). A Beatmaker, Spoken Word Poet, and Video Artist. A peaceful warrior for life. 90's Skate Rat at heart. I've dedicated the past 17 years to fathering my Autistic son and LGBTQ teen daughter. Super proud. Love my kids so much.

Forever addicted to inspiration, but I haven't self-promoted or released anything in years. So my goal now is to just archive all my music on this site, for FREE DOWNLOAD.

After 20 years, I'm still making new joints. I'm just getting started, lol. I'm a lifer. Hit me up if you want to build!

* Metro Detroit born + 13 years in San Francisco & New York.

 Underground Hip Hop, downtempo, synthwave, retro electro, beat scene, trip hop, chillout, lofi, spoken word, performance poetry, bla, bla,...

8bliss Artist Collaborations:

ABF (Abstract Butta Fingas)
* Zypher Unlabel - Los Angeles, CA

Lords of the Underground (90's Platinum)
* Afluent Records - New York, NY

Nemo & Barracuda
* Wu Tang Clan / Killer Bees - Paris, France

Kruze - Underground Cartel
* New Dawn Records - UK

DJ Bless aka: Sutter Kain
* Never So Deep Records, SC

Wayne Folk
* Metra Records – NYC

Dj eXacto - San Francisco, CA
DJ Kam-r - France
Johnny Bass - Sweden
Adamatic - Hoboken, NJ
Big Lo - Tallahassee, FL

Jemille Ali - Detroit, MI
Sam Be Yourself - Detroit, MI
La Peace - Detroit, MI
Todd Modes - Detroit, MI
Planet Pluto - Detroit, MI
Lordru - Detroit, MI
Sacramento Knoxx - Detroit, MI

8bliss Additional Accolades:

2012 - Remixed “Say Yea” by, Lord Jazz (Lords of the Underground), Premium Records (Paris, France)

2006 - Became one of the first "Lord Gang" members. Toured Europe with 90's Platinum "Lords of the Underground". Shot & edited a Documentary on the group titled, “Still LOTUG”. Performed and recorded with international artists along the way.

2006 - Instrumental "The One" was placed on MTV - "Making of the Band", episode "Ms. Ledyard Fair".

2004 - Nominated for UK "UMA" Underground Music Award for “Best Collaboration” for "The Drop Zone EP", 12" Vinyl - New Dawn Records, UK.

2001 - Tied for 1st place at the Oakland, CA Poetry Slam

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