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Brad James, aka: 8bliss (Infinite Bliss), was born in Metro Detroit, MI. Once a sponsored skateboarder, he also spent 9 years in San Francisco, CA and 3 years in the mountains of upstate New York.

Beatmaker, Video Artist, Spiritualist, Poet, Health Nut, Single Father. Dedicated to vibrating as high as possible. Year One.

Infinite Bliss
~ 8bliss ~ 

>> Listen 2018 Beat tape:
"One Foot in the Boot"

Genres:  downtempo, hip hop, retro electro, beat scene, spoken word

Artist Collaborations:

Lords of the Underground (Pendulum Records - 90's Platinum), Todd Modes (Detroit, MI), Nemo & Baracudda (Wu Tang Clang/Killer Bees - Paris, France), Kruze (New Dawn Records - UK), DJ Bless aka: Sutter Kain (Never So Deep Records), Adamatic (New Jersey), DJ Kam-r (France), Dj eXacto (San Francisco, CA), Johnny Bass (Sweden), Lordru (Detroit, MI), La Peace (Detroit, MI), Planet Pluto (Detroit, MI), Jemille Ali (Detroit, MI), Wayne Folk (Metra Records – NYC).

Limited Eddition CDs:
2012 - "Beat Basket: 1st Born" - CD Beat Tape
2009 - “The 8th Element” - CD Mixtape
2006 - “A Dragon's Tale” - CD Mixtape
2002 - “A Train of Events” - Omnipresent Records (San Francisco, CA) - 1,000 Retail CDs / TRC Distribution

Collaboration Discography:
2011 - Instrumental: “Summer Snowflake” on “Detroit Hustles Harder Vol.2” - Aptemal (Detroit, MI) - CD
2005 - Song: “80 Percent” on “West Coast Style” by, DJ Kam-r - 123 Music Center Records (France) - CD
2005 - Song: “I wish I could Love you” on “Traveling Music for Flying Night Creatures” by, Johnny Bass - Solid Senders (Sweden) - CD
2005 - Song: “Homeward Bound” on “Man of Many Faces” by, Wayne Folk - Metra Records (New York) - Vinyl 12"
2003 - Song: “Seconds Out” on “Dropzone EP” by, Underground Cartel - New Dawn Records (UK) - Vinyl 12"

Additional Accolades:
2012 - Remixed “Say Yea” by, Lord Jazz (Lords of the Underground) for Premium Records (Paris, France)
2007 - Remixed "Bushonomics" by, Cornel West feat: Talib Kweli for Hidden Beach Records.
2006 -  Became one of the first "Lord Gang" members. Toured Europe with 90's Platinum "Lords of the Underground". Shot & edited a Documentary on the group “Still LOTUG”. Performed and recorded with international artists along the way.
2006 - Licensed instrumental "The One" by, 8.bliss to MTV for "Making of the Band", episode "Ms. Ledyard Fair".
2004 - Nominated for UK "UMA" Underground Music Award for “Best Collaboration” for "The Drop Zone EP", 12" Vinyl - New Dawn Records, UK.
2001 - Tied for 1st place at the Oakland, CA Poetry Slam

Press Quotes

Features, Reviews, & Interviews

“I feel like nothing I can say about his album will truly do it justice. Hip-Hop, spoken word, poetry, philosophy, spirituality, life. I'm stricken by the openness and honesty. Sometimes a verbal diary, sometimes a message, sometimes rational, and always thoughtful. Auditory artwork.”

“The musical diversity on this album is highly impressive. A place where real-life action transcends into thoughts and images, nothing less than existential matters, expertly arranged.”

“8.bliss music titillates the soul. A revolutionary style that pushes the boundaries of typical Hip Hop to set a standard of what is destined to greatness. Deep lyrics that float on beats that twitter the eardrum, entice the mind, and calm the heart.”

~ Namaste' My Ninjas ~